How can social media ruin a business?

Currently one of the most common tools to publicize your business are: "social networks" These platforms are ideal for companies seeking to be recognized and have active customers.

But, just as they can be an advantage, they can also be your undoing. How to control them? Here are some key tips.

False content

In the midst of so much information, false news is very common, networks like Facebook or Twitter are trying to combat it. But it is your duty to take care of your content; It is vital not to impart information that is not truthful as this can destroy the trust that customers have in your brand in just a few minutes.


When you stop sharing content to your website, be it publications such as: promotions, videos, tweets, actions, etc. Your followers stop following your footsteps, and they will easily find other content to supplant yours. Today the Internet has so much information that without them looking for it, it will still provide it.

Regular updates allow a continuous connection between followers and the brand, it will not be just a business relationship where they have to give money in return, but an intimate and personal level.

If day go by and you do not respond to their comments, questions, or complaints, they will lose confidence and take a bad image of your business, not wanting to return.

Communication is the key in social networks and your business

People are not just requesting a service, or a product. They are also buying an experience. And you can achieve that with the treatment you provide from the beginning. Listening to your customers is vital; even when they may not buy from you, they will remember you for the attention, and they will comment on it with others.

In the event of a bad experience, listening carefully is not enough. Make sure that some action plan is carried out to address their complaint, and that they understand that this concerns you and you want to attend to it as soon as possible.

Always be positive

Take advantage of opportunities to express in positive words how important your customers are. A tool that you may be able to use is “QuestionPro” a survey platform where your clients can share their opinion

If your followers start to see you as a spammer who is only trying to sell their products or services, they will run away from you. so you will only get a bad reputation for your brand.

The best option is to offer people content that interests them and captures their attention, although it may not be related to your products or services. Try to make useful posts.

Do not steal content from other social networks

Although it is not bad to try ideas that have worked for others and can make you grow, do not copy the content that others have already published, try to be original and trustworthy with those who need your services or products.

That way you will not only get buyers, but loyal followers who will give good references, helping you get more customers. If someone who does not know you is interested in what you offer, analyze your business, but also others, looking for the best option, what will happen when they see the same publications on different pages?

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